Introducing my COVID guarantee

Every year, I review my pricing and may increase performance rates. As we move into a ‘post-COVID’ world, it is inevitable that the cost of things is going to go up but your event budgets may not be able to.

I understand that this makes you feel anxious or nervous about making bookings just in case your event has to be postponed, or even cancelled due to changing COVID restrictions and legislation. Your thoughts are probably, “What about my money?”.

So, to help you and provide you with reassurance, I am protecting all bookings with a COVID guarantee. Now, you can plan your event and book your entertainment with confidence, with the reassurance that both your booking and money is safe with us for when your event is able to go ahead.

So, what are you guaranteeing?

My COVID Guarantee means that your event entertainment is safe, and so is your money.

You may be wondering, “How can you guarantee that?!”. Well, let me answer that question… I am promise that I will:

  1. Waive any amendment fees when you re-book with your new date.
  2. Hold your booked rates until 31st December 2023. This will mean your booking is protected from my annual price review.
  3. Give you a 100% refund of all fees paid, if I am unavailable on your new date.
How do I let you know if I need to postpone my date?

If your event is affected by government restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible by email to enquiries@andrewjay-singer.co.uk.

We will then postpone your date and hold any payments that have already been made.

Don’t worry – any payments you have made are nestled away safely in our bank account!

Do I have to pay more to be covered?

Put simply? No…. This is on me!!

What do I need to do to get the guarantee?

Absolutely nothing!

Leave it to us – we have you covered!

Our COVID guarantee will automatically be applied to all bookings and will appear on your quote!

What if I already have a booking with you?

Never fear – any bookings made on, or after, 1st January 2021 will have the guarantee applied to it aswell!

Are your standard Terms and Conditions changing?

There are no immediate plans to alter our Terms and Conditions at present.

This means when making a booking, the process is exactly the same as it always has been – the only difference is, I am making a promise to you as without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

This is a gift, from me to you!

What if I need to cancel my booking altogether?

Unfortunately, if you need to cancel your booking entirely, this would be subject to our normal Terms and Conditions, which you will have received with your quote.

You can view our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.


All bookings come protected by Andrew’s COVID Guarantee.



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